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Make Your Press Release Clear and Newsworthy

A clear and compelling press release can help your company generate a lot of positive (and free) publicity for your brand, product, service or event. But you have to get it right in the first place.

Whether you intend to send the press release to a magazine, newspaper or publish it online, it has to be clear, compelling and newsworthy.

Editors are not interested in promoting your company, product and service. They are only keen to write about your product or company if it is newsworthy.

Making your press release clear and newsworthy is the challenge. And a good copywriter with a journalistic mind will be able to ask you the right questions to get the newsworthy message across clearly to picky editors - in just two pages.


Press Release Copywriting

Crafting a well-written press release takes skill and time. A good press release will have the following features:

See a sample press release.


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