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A Clear Company Profile Sells Your Brand

A clear and compelling Company Profile fulfills an important function: it engages and convinces your potential customers, suppliers or investors that your company is a reliable company to do business with or invest in.

And in the hands of an experienced Company Profile copywriter, your Company Profile will stand out from the competition and be noticed by potential clients and investors. On the other hand, a poorly-written Company Profile can destroy your company's credibility.

Having a good Company Profile is absolutely essential, more so if you are a Singapore SME (small and medium-sized company) planning to expand regionally or globally. You need a professionally-written Company Profile.

It pays to hire a good Company Profile copywriter in Singapore to write an outstanding Company Profile that sells your brand convincingly to a global audience.


What is in a good company profile?

A good Company Profile copywriter knows how to convey your company's vision, mission and values, unique history, assets and achievements, products and services in a manner that is easy-to-understand and interesting to your target audience. See Company Profile samples.

A Company Profile can be written for the website, as a brochure or as a business document for distribution.

Why engage my Company Profile writing services?

Clear, crisp writing


Depth of experience in writing Company Profiles for snall and medium enterprises in many industries


Get well-crafted, well-organised and marketable Company Profiles

Tips on writing a successful company profile

Be on target - state what your company offers right at the beginning

Create interest - reveal interesting information about your company's history, major milestones, founder's story

Show your company's vision, mission and values in the
Company Profile

Stand out - highlight your USP (unique selling point) and competencies in the Company Profile

Set the right tone and style

Showcase your track record - name drop major customers, successful projects

Company Profile writing samples - see extracts below:


Lighting Solutions Company

Business Outsourcing Company

Construction Company

Automobile industry - car import and export

Impress your potential clients and investors

With a Winning Company Profile
Hire an experienced Singapore copywriter.

Contact me today.



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