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Teresa Cheong, EzineArticles.com Basic AuthorAre you struggling to Increase your company's visibility in the global marketplace? To stay ahead of your competition, you need to strengthen your company's online presence with an integrated digital marketing strategy. Developing quality web content as well as online article marketing, content marketing and social media marketing strategies are critical for your business success.


How Online Marketing Can Strengthen Your Brand

With the help of a professional SEO web content writer and
article writer,
you could:


Boost your company's search engine rankings and
outreach to a wider global audience by harnessing
my professional web content and article writing services.

Strengthen your company's online presence with a compelling
website, authorative blog and share-worthy online articles and press releases about your company, products and services.

Promote your company's brand, products and services through
well-executed article marketing and social media campaigns.


Make quality web content your competitive edge

Google algorithms often change when you least expect it, but quality web content remains at the top of Google's indexing list. Online content includes your websites, online articles, online press releases and whatever you published or shared on the Internet.

For quality online content, hire an experienced Singapore copywriter who is competent in both SEO copywriting and article writing to strengthen your company's online presence.

I am a published web content writer, business writer as well as nutrition and health writer based in Singapore.

I have extensive online writing experience, having written well over 150 health articles for HealthXchange, a leading online health portal in Singapore.HealthXchange is owned by Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) - the largest healthcare provider in Singapore.

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Take a look at writing samples

View sample online articles published on the Internet below.

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Published Articles by Teresa Cheong

Published web articles on yahoo.com
by Singapore copywriter and health writer Teresa Cheong

Tips on managing chronic diseases and illnesses

Beware if Alcohol Gives You Red Cheeks (over 24.5K Likes
- record-breaking readership on Yahoo Singapore)

Fatty Liver on the Rise (Over 500 FB Likes)

Pancreatic Cancer a Silent Killer (Over 350 FB Likes)

Singaporeans Increasingly Suffering From Heart Palpitations

Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy: a Disease in the News

Fast Food: Fast Track to Obesity and Disease?

How to Survive an Asthma Attack Without an Inhaler

Hepatitis A Risk Highest Among Young Adults

Published web articles on yahoo.com
by Singapore copywriter and health writer Teresa Cheong

Articles on healthy lifestyle, diet and nutrition

Durians: 8 Myths and Facts About The King of Fruits
(over 1.5K FB Likes)

Sweaty Palms and Feet: Coping Tips

7 Tips to Better Cope With Shift Work

Are You Too Old For Braces?

7 Tips to Cope With Pet Allergies

Can't Sleep? Tips for Teenages and Young Adults

How Poor Contact Lens Hygiene Can Harm Your Eyes

8 Tips for a Healthy Liver

How to Sail Through Chinese New Year When You Have Diabetes

How to Enjoy Bubble Tea The Healthier Way

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online marketing efforts. Send your enquiry here .

Published health articles on HealthXchange
by Singapore copywriter and health writer Teresa Cheong

Tips on managing chronic diseases and illnesses

Heart Health

Why You Can't Ignore That Sudden Chest Pain

When Are Heart Palpitations Serious?

Aortic Aneurysm: Safer Stent Surgery For High-risk Patients

Cancer Prevention

Spot Precancerous Changes Early With Cervical Cancer Screening

Good Emotional Health Can Improve Survival Rates of Elderly Cancer Patients

Bone Health

Slow Down Osteoporosis With a Healthy Diet

Brain Health

What to Do When Parkinson’s Disease Strikes

Chronic ailments

Diet for Gout

Sciatica: Back Pain That Can Extend Down To Your Feet


Published health articles on HealthXchange
by Singapore copywriter and health writer Teresa Cheong


Peptic Ulcers: What the Most Common Risk Factors?

Restless Leg Syndrome: That Leg Pain At Night

How to Manage Chronic Post-surgical Pain

Meningioma: Most Common Type of Brain Tumour in Singapore

What to Eat Before, During and After A Race

3 Tips to Buy Healthy Bread

Articles on healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and nutrition

How to Relieve Sore Muscles After Exercise

What You Need to Know About Iron and Anaemia

Is DIY Teeth Whitening Good For You?

Elderly Depression: Be Alert For Signs

Vitamin B: Why You Need It

Articles on children's health

Caring For Your High-Risk Infant

Want Smart Kids? Involve Them In Active Play


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Published health article on HerWorld Plus
by Singapore copywriter and health writer Teresa Cheong

Six Ways to Relieve Muscle Ache After a Workout

Health and nutrition articles published on Ezinesarticles.com and HubPages


Natural Anti-aging foods to look younger

What foods to eat to lose weight

Foods to Eat for Fatty Liver Disease

How to Lose Weight Quickly on Low GI Diet

It is important that you get expert help in creating quality web content
for a successful Article Marketing, Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing campaign.

Hire an experienced Singapore copywriter to boost your article marketing and Internet marketing campaigns. Email your enquiry.

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