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Six Easy Steps To Update
Website Content

By Teresa Cheong, LifeBridges Communications

KEEPING your website content fresh and updated regularly is a sure-fire way to attract repeat visitors and search engine bots. But unless you commit to a schedule of updating web content n a regular basis, it will remain in the back burner.

Here are six easy steps to updating web content:

1) Update Website Content with Fresh Company News

Upload a short news blurp, press release or published article about your company on your website every two to four weeks. Updated company news lure repeat visitors, especially those with a vested interest in your company such as your shareholders or existing customers.

2) Update Website Content with Human Interest Stories

Who doesn't enjoy reading about other people? Updates on people in your company, industry trends, or profiles of famous personalities (related to your business) are bound to attract eyeballs. Keep website content fresh with a monthly schedule of news and interviews. Consider hiring a professional freelance copywriter or web writer to write quality news and feature articles. Give your visitors more reasons to bookmark and revisit your site.

3) Update Website Content with New Product Offers and Discounts

Everybody loves a great bargain. Keep website content fresh with posts of your company's product offers and discounts. Remind your web visitors that your product offers and discounts are updated regularly.

4) Update Website Content with New Graphics And Images

Keep your website content fresh by uploading new images or graphics. Replace existing product images with new ones. Accessorize your homepage with new, attractive graphics.

5) Update Website Content with New Quotations from Satisfied Clients

It is human nature to want to know what others have to say. Make their curiosity work for you. Keep website content fresh with the latest quotations from satisfied clients. For added relevancy and authencity, make sure you date their comments and include their full names.

6) Update Website Content with New Outbound Links To Complementary Sites

Updating the "Links" page on your website once a month is one of the quickest ways to update website content. Be sure to add outbound links only to complementary sites which do not compete directly with what you are selling or promoting.

Keep your company website relevant for your customers. Ask for a quote from an experienced web writer today.

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