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Finding Good Freelance Copywriter in Singapore

By Teresa Cheong, LifeBridges Communications

Do a quick search on the Internet and you will find a long listing of freelance copywriters in Singapore and worldwide. If you are looking for a freelance copywriter in Singapore whom you can depend on for quality, timeliness and reliability - how do you know which of these copywriters is the right copywriter for you?

Here are four tips to help you find a good freellance copywriter in Singapore:

Finding Good Freelance Copywriter in Singapore

1. A good freelamce copywriter will ask a lot of probing questions

You may find these probing questions a little annoying at first. A good copywriter is a strategic thinker. Only by asking questions can the copywriter understand your business thoroughly. A good copywriter may even challenge you to look at your business differently and offer suggestions on the best way to present your company to the marketplace.

2. A good freelance copywriter has a published track record

The mark of a good copywriter is one who has published, not just anywhere on the Internet, but on reputable websites and print publications. Ask for a short list of sample writing. See published Singapore copywriter.

3. A good freelance copywriter writes clearly and often, in plain English

Anyone can write. But finding a copywriter who can write clearly and convincingly is a gem. A good copywriter has the cognitive capacity to grasp even challenging material and simplify complex subjects to make it engaging and easy-to-understand for a wider audience. If you are looking for a good freelance copywriter in Singapore, choose one who writes clearly and compellingly.

4. A good freelance copywriter is affordable but not the cheapest

If you have been frustrated by poor quality writing, you know very well it is often due to price. Going for the cheapest price carries a big risk. Imagine the time wasted in numerous rewrites. Or, not having the copy delivered on time. A good freelance copywriter respects agreed deadlines and offers excellent copy that is usually right the first time.

Stand out from your competition with the help of an experienced freelance copywriter in Singapore.

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