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Find the Right Singapore Copywriter

By Teresa Cheong, LifeBridges Communications

Finding the right Singapore copywriter to write your Singapore-based company website, eDM campaign or government tender submission is an important decision. Type "copywriter in Singapore" - and 1.4 million listings appear!

Which Singapore copywriter is the right copywriter for you?

I have five tips to help you find the right Singapore copywriter:

1. Does the Singapore copywriter ask a lot of probing questions?

Many copywriters will accept the job without asking too many questions. A good copywriter is rather annoying at first. They will ask lots of questions. Not they are nosey. A good Singapore copywriter wants to understand your business and the challenges you face. After all, great copy offers solutions to customers.

2. Does the Singapore copywriter have a published track record?

The mark of a good copywriter is one who has published. Not anywhere on the Internet, but on established websites and magazines. Ask for samples of the copywriter's published articles. See published copywriter in Singapore.

3. Does the Singapore copywriter offer clear copywriting?

Good writing is clear, concise and readable. If you are looking for a Singapore copywriter, choose one who can write clearly and concisely.
Clear copywriting is exceptionally important for complex grant proposals, tender proposal documents, Company Profiles and multi-page websites. See tender proposal writer.

4. Is the Singapore copywriter's rates cheap?

The right copywriter is affordable but not cheap. Going for the cheapest price carries a big risk. Imagine the time wasted in numerous revisions.
A good copywriter almost always gets it right the first time. Never base your hiring decision on price but on value and quality. Be prepared to pay fair wages to a good copywriter.

5. How responsive is the Singapore copywriter?

A committed copywriter will respond quickly to your email enquiries - and ask pertinent questions about your project. A good copywriter knows that without understanding your challenges and needs clearly and thoroughly, there is no way he or she can produce stellar copy that meets the target.


The next time you type "copywriter in Singapore" and see over one million listings, take time to browse through several more pages - to find the right copywriter for your project. And remember these five tips!


Stand out from your competition. Get quotation from experienced Singapore copywriter Teresa Cheong.

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