US Democratic Presidential Nomination: The More Likeable Choice

May 17th, 2008

FOR months, I’ve been hooked on US election news, more specifically, the Clinton-Obama fight for the Democratic Presidential nomination. But of late, my interest has waned considerably. And I didn’t even remember checking my RSS feeds on the latest poll results.


The bitter infighting has dragged the Democratic Presidential race to exhaustion.

All that needs to be reported has been reported. I think I’ve had had enough of the “Is the US election about race or gender?,” “Is the US ready for a Black or a woman president?,” “Will the nutty Reverend Wright ruin Obama’s nomination chances?”, “Is Obama Muslim?” – and finally, finally, the most dreadful one – “Who is more electable?


The contenders: Barack Obama – the charismatic artist and great speech maker


Hilary Clinton – the hard-nosed pragmatist who said she’s ready on day one to fix the economy.

I like to make my decision-making simple.

If you were eligible to vote (which I am not), would you choose a thin or a padded resume, a Cafe Latte or a beer? Not convincingly enough?

I’ve another yardstick for a decisive vote: Likeability.

Now, likeability is a major factor in the many choices we make in our lives. You choose the person you like to be your spouse. You choose people you like to be your best friend, soulmate, insurance agent, hair stylist, travelling mate, and of course, you only bring home the dog you like from SPCA.

So if I were to vote, I would choose the one who is more likeable and who can inspire hope.

A Cafe Latte, anyone?


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