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What the Zodiac Signs Say On Joint Obama-Clinton Ticket

June 23rd, 2008

SOME prominent democrats are rooting for a joint Obama-Clinton ticket for the coming US Presidential Elections. Others like former president Jimmy Carter and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi think a joint Obama-Clinton ticket would be a terrible, terrible mistake. Would the odd pairing measure up according to the Zodiac stars?


Out of curiosity, I did a quick, non-scientific Zodiac compatiability test between Obama and Hilary Clinton. If we believe in the stars predicting the future, the Jimmy Carters and Nancy Pelosis will have to eat their words.

Chinese Astrological Signs of Obama and Clinton

Chinese Astrological OxChinese Astrological Pig

According to the Chinese Zodiac Signs, Obama born on Aug 4, 1961 (which makes him an “Ox”) and Hilary Clinton, born on Oct 26 1947 (the year of the “pig”) are 70% compatiable. Apparently, the Chinese Astrological Ox and Pig make good partners and good lovers (gasp!).

Before Clinton suspended her campaign, she did hint at the tantalizing option of a Hilary-Obama joint ticket. What do the Chinese Zodiac Signs say about that?

If Chinese Zodiac Signs are to be believed, it is the ox (=Obama) which is the natural leader of the pack.



The Chinese Astrological Ox are born to lead. They are capable of great things and never lose sight of their goals. Their stamina is endless and they are detail conscious.

The Chinese Astrological Pig make good partners because they care deeply for their friends and family. However, they’re often misunderstood creatures. People wrongly see them as snobs or having superiority feelings over others because of their perfectionistic nature.

If the Chinese Zodiac Signs are to be believed, a joint Obama-Clinton ticket is indeed a dream ticket, one that is harmonious to match. A pairing up of a stubborn, ambitious and shy Ox with a sociable, honest and trusting Pig.

Time for supporters of the joint Obama-Clinton ticket to rejoice at the apparent auspicious blessing?

Well, not yet.

A joint McCain-Clinton ticket – according to the Chinese Zodiac Signs – would make a far superior and harmonious match. The Chinese Astrological Rat (McCain) and Pig (Clinton) is … 80% compatiable.

But we all know this perfect match ain’t going to happen.


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US Presidential Polls: Who Is Leading Who?

June 1st, 2008

I HAVE come to my own conclusion after having followed the US Presidential Election for five months. You need a very good brain for math and stats to figure out who is really leading who.


There are so many polls tracking voter sentiments and predicting voting trends that unless your brain works like an Excel spreadsheet, you’ll soon be lost and confused. There are general election polls, party polls, battleground polls, state by state polls. daily tracking polls, straw polls, opinion polls. Surely, the polls will add up to some conclusion. Here is my right-brain snapshot of the latest polls in May:

Poll Headlines


Obama ahead of Clinton 51 to 38 percentage points among the state’s democrats (The San Francisco Chronicle, sample: 914)

Obama ahead of Clinton 52 to 42 percentage points among democrats nationally (Gallup Poll, sample: 1,240)

What the polls are saying: Slightly more than half of the democrats preferred Obama to be the presidential nominee.


Clinton leads McCain 47 – 45; Obama leads McCain 46 – 45 (Gallup Poll. Advantage: Clinton, 1 percentage point over Obama)

Clinton leads McCain 48-44; Obama leads McCain 47-44 (Pew Research Poll. Advantage: Clinton, 1 percentage point over Obama)

What the polls are saying: Clinton or Obama? It doesn’t matter. Both will beat McCain anyway.

Then, came the latest, latest poll on May 31. Rasmussen Report’s daily presidential poll. McCain beats both democrats hands down.

Duh. Now, what?

I think I should just give up analyzing the polls and have another latte.


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US Democratic Presidential Nomination: The More Likeable Choice

May 17th, 2008

FOR months, I’ve been hooked on US election news, more specifically, the Clinton-Obama fight for the Democratic Presidential nomination. But of late, my interest has waned considerably. And I didn’t even remember checking my RSS feeds on the latest poll results.


The bitter infighting has dragged the Democratic Presidential race to exhaustion.

All that needs to be reported has been reported. I think I’ve had had enough of the “Is the US election about race or gender?,” “Is the US ready for a Black or a woman president?,” “Will the nutty Reverend Wright ruin Obama’s nomination chances?”, “Is Obama Muslim?” – and finally, finally, the most dreadful one – “Who is more electable?


The contenders: Barack Obama – the charismatic artist and great speech maker


Hilary Clinton – the hard-nosed pragmatist who said she’s ready on day one to fix the economy.

I like to make my decision-making simple.

If you were eligible to vote (which I am not), would you choose a thin or a padded resume, a Cafe Latte or a beer? Not convincingly enough?

I’ve another yardstick for a decisive vote: Likeability.

Now, likeability is a major factor in the many choices we make in our lives. You choose the person you like to be your spouse. You choose people you like to be your best friend, soulmate, insurance agent, hair stylist, travelling mate, and of course, you only bring home the dog you like from SPCA.

So if I were to vote, I would choose the one who is more likeable and who can inspire hope.

A Cafe Latte, anyone?


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